Dr David Landau

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

A lung cancer specialist, combining advanced radiotherapy and chemotherapy techniques.

Dr Landau is a founding partner of LOC, and Director of Radiotherapy Development at Harley Street Clinic. His main areas of interest in cancer research are lung cancer and advanced imaging techniques.

Dr Landau is the chief investigator of two national studies on lung cancer and stereotactic radiotherapy. He is an honorary senior lecturer at KCL and UCL. Recently, he has been involved in advancing new techniques in radiotherapy as an executive committee member on the SABR UK Consortium. He is also a member of the NCRI Lung CSG in which he is also in the LORD subgroup.

Dr Landau has led and managed several lung cancer drug trials, and is the Lead Consultant for Clinical Oncology research at Guy's and St Thomas'. His aim is to transform the approach to lung cancer therapy to that of personalised medicine. 

Professional background

Dr Landau trained at Charing Cross and Westminster Hospitals’ Medical School, before specialising in oncology at Charing Cross Hospital and The Royal Marsden.

He was responsible for setting up the UK's first comprehensive and multi-disciplinary mesothelioma clinic at Guy's and St Thomas'. He also organised and led a collaboration of leading researchers in the field of Imaging in Oncology at Kings College Hospital, London.

Dr Landau has authored a number of peer-reviewed publications, made over 30 presentations at major conferences around the world, and has been the Invited Lecturer at several meetings, most recently at the National Lung Cancer teaching forum. His work also involved presenting on advanced radiotherapy in ASCO and in the World Lung Congress in Sydney 2012.

Services provided to HCA

Dr Landau provides medical advisory services to HCA and is a Medical Director for HCA's Leaders in Oncology Care. In his role, Dr Landau leads interactions with hospital medical staff and the hospital leadership team to assist the hospital by providing medical advice and promote high quality, cost effective care.

In his role, he contributes to the strategy, policies and decision making regarding oncology treatments and advises HCA to ensure that care provided is appropriate and efficient. In his role, Dr Landau advises on initiatives to drive clinical standards by providing professional advice on clinical governance matters and ensuring the adoption of those by colleagues in the oncology area.

In addition, he works with medical insurance companies, GPs, other relevant local NHS contacts, and patients to educate and advise on relevant clinical updates to treatments in oncology available in the facility. Furthermore, he advises on the accuracy of literature that may be published regarding relevant services. He will also advise on how to make the patient referral smooth to reduce stress and anxiety for patients.

Dr Landau is responsible for providing advice on clinical governance matters to conform with national standards and recommend new programmes to drive up clinical standards.

Dr Landau also represent HCA and LOC at medical conferences and other local, national or international meetings with clinical and academic experts. He attends regular meetings to review HCA’s research portfolio in lung cancer and helps by encouraging more research. He is also a regular member of multidisciplinary team meetings and the MAC CyberKnife.

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