Dr Duncan Dymond

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Duncan Dymond is a renowned cardiologist, with expertise in many areas including percutaneous coronary intervention. He was one of the pioneers of nuclear cardiology in the UK.

Dr Dymond was appointed Consultant Cardiologist at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in 1987. He is Lead Clinician for Clinical Standards and Audit at The Wellington Hospital, and Co-Chairman of the Clinical Governance Board. Since April 2013, he has held Honorary Consultant Status at Barts Health. With specialisms encompassing the treatment of complex cases such as multivessel disease, chronically blocked arteries and narrowings in bypass grafts, Dr Dymond performs regularly in the NHS and at The Wellington Hospital, where he is lead clinician for Audit and Clinical Standards. He has served on the Scientific Committee of the European Society of Cardiology and was elected a Founder Fellow of that Society. He has been on Council of the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society and was elected Honorary Secretary of the British Cardiac Society, serving from 1990 to 1994. Dr Dymond lectures in the UK and abroad, and is co-chairman of the Clinical Governance board. He is the senior author of a cardiology handbook for medical students, and was also Editor of a distance-learning publication for cardiologists to help Continuing Medical Education. He remains an active practitioner in the field of angioplasty and stenting for coronary disease. The London Evening Standard nominated Dr Dymond in the medical section of The 1,000 Most Influential People in London for 2007, 2008 and 2010. He is a Freeman of the City of London.

Professional background

Dr Dymond graduated from St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical School in 1972, where he won the David Weizman Memorial Prize in Cardiology. After gaining further experience in the US, Dr Dymond returned to St Bartholomew’s in 1981, where he introduced the technique of coronary angioplasty. He founded the British Nuclear Cardiology Group and was elected a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. From 1984-1988 he was chairman of the European Society of Cardiology working group on Nuclear Cardiology. Dr Dymond trained in non-invasive and invasive cardiology, and was appointed Consultant Cardiologist at St Bartholomew’s in 1987. He has served on the Scientific Committee of the European Society of Cardiology, and was elected to Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians in 1991. Dr Dymond has published extensively in the use of radio-isotopes as diagnostic tools in coronary heart disease, and has more than 100 scientific papers to his name. In 1993-1994 he was invited by Parthenon Publications to write the Atlas of Myocardial Infarction, one of the visual encyclopaedias, which was published in 1994.

Services provided to HCA

Dr Dymond provides medical advisory services for HCA's Wellington Hospital. In his role, Dr Dymond leads interactions with hospital medical staff and the hospital leadership team to assist the hospital by providing medical advice and promote high quality, cost effective care. In his role, he contributes to the strategy, policies and decision-making regarding cardiology treatments and advises HCA to ensure that care provided within the facility is appropriate and efficient. In his role, Dr Dymond advises on initiatives to drive clinical standards by providing professional advice on clinical governance matters and ensuring the adoption of those by colleagues in the cardiology area. In addition, he works with medical insurance companies, GPs, other relevant local NHS contacts, and patients to educate and advise on relevant clinical updates to treatments in cardiology available in the facility. Furthermore, he advises on the accuracy of literature that may be published regarding relevant services. He will also advise on how to make the patient referral smooth to reduce stress and anxiety for patients. Dr Dymond is Lead Clinician for Clinical Standards and Co-Chair of the Clinical Governance Board at The Wellington Hospital. He leads the Cardiac Catheter Lab Users Group, mentors the Cardiac RMOs and has set up and chaired the monthly Cardiac/Cardiothoracic multidisciplinary team meetings at The Wellington. He has also been involved in cardiology masterclasses for GPs run by The Wellington Hospital, and arranged GP evening talks as part of postgraduate activities. In March 2015, he chaired the Mortality and Morbidity meeting held in March 2015. HCA UK is charged by doctors in return for their expertise and advice, including on how to operate safe hospital facilities delivering complex care. All services provided under this agreement are charged to HCA UK. From January to December 2017, the total charge was £49,661. HCA requires the doctors that advise us to attest that if they also practice in the NHS that they are not compromising their NHS commitments. The information disclosed on this page in accordance with the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 is true and accurate to the best of HCA’s knowledge and belief.