Professor Ernest Schilders and Mr Giles Stafford

Professor Ernest Schilders
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

One of Britain’s top orthopaedic surgeons, Professor Schilders treats professional athletes with hip and groin injuries at the highest level.

Professor Schilders is Visiting Professor in Sports medicine at Leeds Beckett University.

He is the country’s leading expert on adductor problems in sports. His profile is unique in that he offers expertise in hip preservation surgery, combined with treatment of conditions such as sportmen’s hernia, adductor problems, osteitis problems and hamstring injuries.

Professor Schilders is an internationally recognised expert on hip preservation and has one of the largest hip arthroscopy practices in the country. He has pioneered labral repair techniques and labral grafting. Professor Schilders treat patients having cartilage defects with stemcel resurfacing.

Professor Schilders has treated football players from the vast majority of the teams in the Premier League, the Championship, but also top European teams such as Juventus FC. He has an excellent track record of returning professional athletes to the highest competitive level in the shortest possible time, using a combination of minimally invasive surgery and advanced rehabilitation techniques.

Professional background

Professor Schilders trained as an orthopaedic surgeon in Belgium and the United States. He started his professional career at the University Hospital in Antwerp. He was a consultant at the Bradford Teaching Hospital from 1999 until 2011.

Professor Schilders leads and participates in several international multicenter research projects. He has trained, to a high standard, numerous colleagues in hip arthroscopy and labral repair techniques. He has given hundreds of lectures nationally and internationally. The focus of his research is on hip preservation surgery and adductor injuries in sports and he has published numerous scientific papers on these subjects. His clinical audit results are analysed by his research team and he also supervises several PHD students.

Professor Schilders is a regular reviewer for the American Journal of Sportsmedicine.

Mr Giles Stafford
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

A specialist in hip surgery, with a particular focus on young adult and sports
hip injuries.

Mr Giles Stafford is trained in all aspects of hip and knee surgery, and teaches regularly on hip arthroscopy courses. As a member of Sport Hip London, Mr Stafford works closely with sports physicians and physiotherapists as part of a multidisciplinary team, ensuring patients have the best possible rehabilitation both before and after surgery. He feels strongly about providing a patient-centred approach to care.  Mr Stafford also has a keen research interest, publishing in peer-reviewed journals and presenting at international meetings.

Professional background

Mr Stafford qualified from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals before undertaking surgical training at Barts and The London.  He was subsequently appointed to the Imperial (North West Thames) registrar orthopaedic training programme, and completed fellowships at UCLH, Norfolk and Norwich, and Cambridge.  Throughout his career, Mr Stafford has been elected onto various representative committees and has been a Medical Assessor for the General Medical Council.

He is actively involved in research, presenting regularly at the British Hip Society (5 presentations in 2015), British Orthopaedics Association and International Society for Hip Arthroscopy (3 presentations in 2014). He publishes regularly in peer-reviewed journals (27 publications to date), and is invited to write on average two book chapters per year. He also reviews papers for the Bone and Joint Journal, Hip International and the British Medical Journal among others.

Services provided to HCA

Together, these doctors provide medical advisory services for HCA's The Wellington Hospital in the treatment of hip injuries. In their role, they interact with hospital medical staff and the hospital leadership team to assist the hospital by providing medical advice and promote high quality, cost effective care.

They contribute to the strategy, policies and decision making regarding orthopaedics treatments and advises HCA to ensure that care provided within the facility is appropriate and efficient.

They advise on initiatives to drive clinical standards by providing professional advice on clinical governance matters and ensuring the adoption of those by colleagues in the orthopaedics area and on the introduction of new techniques and work with HCA and the medical insurance companies on their approval, ensuring patient safety and excellent patient care.

Professor Schilders audits and analyses hip arthroscopy outcomes for HCA.

Mr Stafford advises on the accuracy of literature that may be published regarding relevant services. He will also advise on how to make the patient referral smooth to reduce stress and anxiety for patients.

Mr Stafford has been instrumental in the expansion of services provided at the Wellington Hospital with regards to hip surgery. He has introduced the use of CT and MRI based dynamic motion analysis in the assessment of young adult hip conditions and has also been responsible for the introduction of MRI based T2 cartilage mapping as a service in the assessment of young adult hip.

He has pioneered an enhanced recovery protocol at this hospital, reducing inpatient length of stay following total hip arthroplasty. He also utilises contemporary and innovative total hip replacements and custom hip designs for patients with abnormal hip anatomy.  He is on the steering committee for various companies with regards to their hip prostheses, and works with them to regularly provide teaching sessions nationwide.

Mr Stafford also uses a multidisciplinary approach to his management of patients and by virtue of this ensures that all conservative options have been exhausted prior to surgery being offered.

All services provided under this agreement are charged to HCA UK on an hourly basis as a rate of £334 per hour. This figure has been audited by market experts LaingBuisson and is considered fair market value. From January to December 2017, the total charge for Mr Stafford was £15,698. From January to December 2016, the total charge for Professor Schilders was £29,392. Nothing paid in 2017.

HCA requires the doctors that advise us to attest that if they also practice in the NHS that they are not compromising their NHS commitments.

The information disclosed on this page in accordance with the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 is true and accurate to the best of HCA’s knowledge and belief.