Foot and Ankle Specialist Group

Leaders in the management of foot and ankle conditions.

Foot and ankle specialist services are provided by Mr Nicholas Cullen, Mr Andrew Goldberg, Mr Mark Herron and Mr Haroon Mann.

Working closely with physiotherapists and podiatrists, the team take the utmost care to tailor every treatment to the needs of each patient. Dealing solely with problems of the foot and ankle, their interests are nonetheless manifold, including sports injuries, toe deformity, tendon disorders, arthroscopy, ankle cartilage preservation and all types of forefoot injury including bunion and  ‘hammer toe’.

Recent examples of new initiatives introduced include complex foot and ankle meetings where local physiotherapists are encouraged to bring examples of cases to be reviewed and discussed by the consultants and attending allied health professionals.  This provides the forum for the consultants to publicise new surgically and non-surgically techniques to ensures that patient's condition can receive the best management. 

All of the consultants in the Foot and Ankle Specialist Group occupy prestigious positions at the pinnacle of their profession.

Mr Nicholas Cullen is a member of the European Foot Society and The British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgery Society. He trains orthopaedic surgeons, MSc students and higher surgical trainees, and is the Audit lead in the Foot and Ankle Unit.

Mr Andrew Goldberg is an internationally recognised Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore and Central London and was awarded an OBE for his services to medicine in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List in 2011. He has been pivotal in developing an outcomes framework for foot and ankle surgery as well as being the musculoskeletal lead of the Farr Institute of Health Informatics. Having been involved in pioneering research into regenerative treatments, he has authored several textbooks and numerous peer-reviewed publications.

Mr Goldberg created the National Joint Registry for ankle replacements. He now holds a position on the editorial committee of the National Joint Registry and contributes to the authorship of the NJR Annual Report and the NJR Patient and Public Guides. He is also Editor-in-Chief for the Clinical Talk series

Both Mr Cullen & Mr Goldberg work at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital which is a tertiary referral centre that sees patients referred throughout the UK.

Mr Mark Herron works to help those at the elite level of sport and dance. He has been the foot and ankle surgeon to the British gymnastics team, and has particular expertise in Achilles tendon disorders and all aspects of ankle instability and impingement syndromes.

Mr Haroon Mann has authored over 40 publications, books and chapters on orthopaedics, foot and ankle treatment, bleeding disorders affecting joints, and undergraduate medical education. His clinical research interests include cartilage preservation and the use of Stem cells in orthopaedics.

Together, the consultants offer a full spectrum of non surgical management of conditions as well as minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Services provided to HCA

This group of doctors provide medical advisory services for HCA's The Wellington Hospital on foot and ankle conditions to assist the hospital by providing medical advice and promote high quality, cost effective care.

In their role, they contribute to the strategy, policies and decision making regarding foot and ankle treatments and advise HCA to ensure that care provided within the facility is appropriate and efficient. In their role, they work the hospital team on initiatives to drive clinical standards by providing professional advice on clinical governance matters and ensuring the adoption of those by colleagues in foot and ankle treatment.

In addition, they work GPs, other relevant allied health professionals, and patients to educate and advise on relevant clinical updates to foot and ankle treatment available in the facility. Furthermore, they advise on the accuracy of literature that may be published regarding relevant services. They will also advise on how to make the patient referral smooth to reduce stress and anxiety for patients.

Recent examples of work include the annual foot and ankle master-class which allows the consultants to educate physiotherapists and podiatrists on latest techniques for management of conditions.

In addition, work has taken place to develop an electronic outcome system pilot - a bespoke system using iPads for collecting patient feedback (Patient Reported Outcome Measures - PROMs) that allows for patient outcomes to be linked to validated clinical coding systems.

HCA UK is charged by doctors in return for their expertise and advice, including on how to operate safe hospital facilities delivering complex care.

All services provided under this agreement are charged to HCA UK. From January to December 2016, the total charge was £9,352 for Mr Andy Goldberg (nothing paid for him in 2017) and £4,342 for Mr Mark Herron (nothing paid for him in 2017 as well). From January to December 2017, the total charge was £3,173 for Mr Nick Cullen. No invoices received for Mr Haroon Mann.
HCA requires the doctors that advise us to attest that if they also practice in the NHS that they are not compromising their NHS commitments.

The information disclosed on this page in accordance with the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 is true and accurate to the best of HCA’s knowledge and belief.